Cetusan Revolusi

Think Big!

Posted on: May 9, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Peace Be Upon You All!

Its been a while, I did not write any single article while I’m away. Two weeks away from the revolution idea does not mean I’m away from the agenda. Changes that we seek is continual progress.


While I’m away, I met a lot of interesting people and exciting people. What I need to emphasize in here is how do you ‘THINK BIG‘? Most of exciting people I met, they were and are still thinking big.

Donald Trump in his book of ‘THINK BIG AND KICK ASS’, he blended the word ‘ THINK BIG’ into his business and his life. You get to kick your own ass to do something big. You yourself determine your own goals whether is BIG or small.

Think big is related to your confidence and your passion of doing thing. Boost our confidence by overcoming our own fear. Everyone has their own fear and courage happens when we can overcome the fear. Kick your ass and stand up for yourself.

Most of great people, they are humble. Even though they are on the top of the world they still know their roots. Remember your roots!

When we achieve BIG thing, some people lost their focus. We need to concentrate and focus on what we are doing. Always with the companion that can keep your momentum. Learn from them and seek good advise.

From Donald Trump’s book, I suggest you take the good advise and put aside the bad one. Be positive and Be confidence!

Think Big and Be humble.


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