Cetusan Revolusi

Proton’s Car Revolution? Be a competitive brand among the top automobile’s manufacturer.

Posted on: September 12, 2009

Assalamualaikum and Good day.

Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslims as. Hope you guys fully use of this Ramadhan to close our heart with the creator (Allah) as it comes once in a year. InsHaAllah, we also pray to god that the Ibadah we did during Ramadhan will continue to grow after Ramadhan.

In this holy month of Ramadhan, It is not a bad idea to re-think of our national car Proton to be the world top class cars. Malaysia, the country that hold majority of muslim should do and develop world class product. We have the product but yet we need to at least gain 10% of global market.

Proton still has more to offer to Malaysian. Proton need passion and improvement in developing people no.1 car. We are looking for quality, beauty and passion in driving. World class cars has proven that the quality of pre and post sales is the important attraction to build excellent and good perception of consumer. Consumer’s need and satisfaction need to be explore before hand than we can develop a better quality compacts.

Customer are willing to pay more if the services and quality can be guaranteed by Proton. Proton has to put the the National Interest No. 1 than any other interests. Proton is made for national. The quality of the by-product also must meet the high expectation of national especially the people.

I was amazed how Japanese people respect their National interest of Toyota. They used their brains and skills and put together to build of of their successful brand in global market. Proton need to learn more the history of Toyota, Mercedez and also Ford. The culture of Malaysian also need to change towards love and passion of our National Interest in Proton.

Proton’s vision should be ‘ Developing World Class Cars with the brains, passions and the skills of Local’. Proton still has space to grow and to improve for national and  global. The question is ‘Is Proton focus on national interest? Or Proton has many interests to take care in order to survived?’

6th Sept 2009M – 16th Ramadhan 1430H


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