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The ‘Malay’ Dream

Posted on: July 21, 2010

Malay is one of the most biggest population race-group in Malaysia.

Ever since the Malay kingdom from Malacca century, the Malay had dreamt for power of land and money. At that time, Malay in Malacca had become the central business place to the whole world.

Now, the Malay-land had it independence from the british colonisation. And yet, the mind from the colonisation has not changed.

We are not brave in facing the reality. Even worst we like to play it safely. We blame others when we are in failure. We are just in dream and deep dream.

Current generation dream

The biggest dream of the Malay now is to be RICH. To own a corporation. To dream of becoming a CEO.

Yet, there are still in dreaming. They wanted to be in the highest position. And yet they were lazy and just waiting for the position to come.

Rich people are not just dreaming. They act and work on it. They learn and learn. They also had a dream and yet they grab the opportunity. They were prepared for it. They opened their mind and get started on their dream.

Stop dreaming and don’t make fear as excuses. If you do, you’ll will have a very nice dream until you find out you are old enough to dream.

Saufi Karim
22nd July 2010


2 Responses to "The ‘Malay’ Dream"

Well said.

Yes Min. Some are just want to dream and expect to have a better result. 🙂

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