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Malaysia, Politic and Capitalist. Thank You MY Government.

Posted on: November 21, 2010

  • It’s been a while I did not discuss about Malaysia and our Politic.
  • Malaysia’s politic landscaped has been changed since the 12th General Election. The opposition won 5 state instead of 1 state.
  • Though, we always heard that in politic anything could happen. Friend could lost his friend and become enemy. Enemy could also be their friend later on. Politic is a game that had been created by the capitalist. Those capitalist won over this game.
  • The capitalist is an ideology that monopoly the whole world right now. As a muslim, I did not see capitalist politic could help us until we won over the Federal. Yet, we still be using the same old capitalist game and system.
  • It’s kinda hard to think about Malaysia future politic but yet we could see difference after the 12th General Election.
  • What has been improved by Goverment?
    1. Government now rectify back whatever they did wrong towards our people. It’s just that they did not do anything to the previous corruption. What is government action? Nothing..no.
    2. Government pro-active in getting the foreign investor. Yet,still all the investment is for Biggest Player in Malaysia. What the people or ‘ikan bilis’ player get from the announcement of latest budget?
    3. Goverment acknowledge ‘ Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan’. Just acknowledge. Dont know on the implementation.
    4. Government Tax for Credit Card. Thank you MY Goverment.
    5. House sell tax, if you sell before 5 years of owning. Thank you again.
    6. Proton Inspira..RM80k?? Thank you MY Government.
    7. Entertainment hub centre. Encourage foreign business and also youngster to have fun. Thank you MY Goverment.
    8. Oil and Gas royalty to State goverment will be given. Until they sued, nothing is being done. Thank you MY Government.
  • I shall say thank you again because without government I would not succeed. Yet, does not stop me to give comment and suggestion for better governance.
  • Jangan jadi macam Hang Tuah, hilang saudara kerna mahu pertahankan perkara yang tidak benar oleh pihak atasan. Patut kita BANGGA hang Jebat mati kerna pertahankan saudaranya Hang Tuah.

Revolusi Malaysia

Ke Arah Malaysia Yang Lebih Gemilang.


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