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The stories so far..(Don’t read contain a very sad stories)

Posted on: January 16, 2011

What is an Active Income?

  • Income that generate every time you DO your job. If you STOP doing your JOB, then you will not geting paid by your BOSS or Company.
  • Active means you have to be active then you will get your salary

What is a Passive Income?

  • Income that simply generate passively without you doing any job or the simple job to do.
  • You need to identified the best kind of passive income you need to do.

The stories so far…

1. Industry worker named Najib (Not the real name)

He is an Industry worker in one of the company. He is only 23 years Old.  If we asked him where do he work?, he will reply he worked in Industry. Then we said, Oh, you worked in factory. No, he replied. I work in Industry. Funny guys. One day, he get to know how to generate income passively from his uncle. He followed whatever his uncle did. His uncle is a MILLIONAIRE by 5 years doing it passively.

How is he doing it? First, because he is an industry worker, he earn sufficient enough to live. He borrowed from his mother for start-up of the initial investment for the entire if his life. He said to his mother, he will not come back he could not return back his mother borrowed money.

Several weeks, he managed to return back his mum’s money and now he could not BELIEVE that he has BOUGHT 3 CAR everytime his birthday celebration day.

Can you imagine, how he could turn up from working day by day in one of Industrial area to a massive passive income. Absolutely he will be a millionaire before 30.

2. Offshore worker and Business Man. Ayub (Not a real name).

He work in offshore. Two weeks on and Two weeks off. The other two (2) weeks off, he do business. To do business, He need to get a loan of about hundred thousand ringgit. (RM150k++) Yes its true. If you want to start a business (conventional)..you need an initial big start-up. Because you need a shop lot, a worker, full time supervising and you need to have a roll and back up money to survive.

Ayub business not going very well and he felt down. He has a big debt due to the business. He said,”at one point I only left with RM30 to survive within a month and I have kids’. RM30 left after he has paid his debt. Your life will be in difficult if you have a debt and this debt was not planned. He plan to have a succesful business but he has never prepared for the failure.

With RM30, he has to give his kids meals and everything. How do you want to survive with ONLY RM30!!! He told us, at one time ‘ His kids demand for KFC. He had to lie to his kid that the KFC is fulled and they could not buy because too many people. The kids asked for PIZZA then.You know the kids nowaday are so smart. Again, he has to lie to his own kids that the PIZZA HUT is also full. He said with tear, how can i  buy KFC or PIZZA with RM30..you cant even buy to your own kid. I feel ashamed as father, said Ayub.

On that night, he felt embarrassed and look down to his kid while them sleep. He said, if tomorrow his kid die without eating KFC and PIZZA, he will be the shameful dad. And from that moment he grab the opportunity in generating income passively. He dont have any money and what he did is he borrowed his wife gold bracelet and get the money to start his initial start-up for passive income.

Today, he can bring his kid to KFC because within a month he managed to earn RM30,000.00 and his living in a good life and able to give back to his family to whatever his lost in the business.

Are you prepared for future? Like Ayub, he had his own business though it doesn’t meant he can escape from Debt. His debt make him struggle to find happiness for his family.

Like Najib, he has worked with Industry and yet the increment of salary will take ages and he could not buy a Car even he stop work at 55.

TWO (2)  income is better than ONE (1) . Do it PASSIVELY and you will earn more that you might think of it.

The stories so far..will continue with other failure and success stories. Stay tuned.


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