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Posted on: March 2, 2011

Salam daripada Labi kepada semua.

Maafkan Labi kerana kat HCMC ni tak dapat nak update FB. Kene banned. Wakakaka. Tapi takpa hari ini labi nak bagi sajak berjudul ‘sometimes’.

Today blog post I dont have the right title to put on today’s post.

Sometimes when you keep quiet and shut your mouth, people can talked and think about you whatever they wanted to think.

Sometimes people are so arrogant like they will not going to die at the end of the day.

Sometimes people focusly talk about their work and work and work and at the end, work is only their friends. I hate talking about work during lunch, during dinner, during , during, during…boring.

Sometimes people forgot that there are more things to do other than work. You have friends, you have family and you have many thing to do other than talking about work.

Sometimes you need to do hardwork for your personal life not just for your work.

Sometimes whatever it is you have to be professional in work and also in life.

Sometimes you have to be fair to yourself and to others.

Sometimes experience only tells you that you are getting old doing the same thing and arguing the same thing.

Sometime, sometime and sometime. Don’t be so arrogant like you will not going to die at the end of the day.

Sometimes you need to remind yourself and to remind other because sometime we tend to forget when we are at the top for only sometime.

Apalah Labi merepek ni kan..tapi itulah pantun sometimes untuk Labi mengingati Labi sendiri dan rakan-rakan sekalian.



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